Umbrella Placements

Everything you need to know about Umbrella placements here

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Placement checklist

Everything you need to add a placement into your account with ease

How to add an Umbrella placement

Step one: add client information

Step two: add candidate information

Step three: add role information to the placement

Step by step process

  1. Please use the ‘+ Add Placement’ button as you usually would when submitting a placement. 
  2. Input all the usual Company / Client details as normal. 
  3. Input all the usual Candidate details as normal, selecting ‘LTD’ as the contractor type. 
  4. Make sure you input the Umbrella details when inputting the candidate’s LTD details (particularly ensuring the bank details are the Umbrella’s). 
  5. Input the ‘Job Title’. 
  6. Select the relevant start & end dates according to the contract. 
  7. Select the ‘Job Location’ as you normally would. 
  8. Select the relevant currency for payment conditions. 
  9. Select the relevant rate type (i.e. Hourly, Daily) 
  10. Input the pay and charge rates 
  11. Please input PO number if applicable. 
  12. Please ensure you input the correct client payment terms. 
  13. Select payment frequency. 
  14. Input the notice periods. 
  15. Please then ‘Submit’ the assignment. 
  16. Sonovate can then initiate the placement approval process. 

At a glance process


Who issues the contracts? 

Your business is responsible for sending contracts to clients and candidates. 

Contract templates

You have three contract template options: 

  1. Sonovate’s contract template, without amends 
  2. Sonovate’s contract template, amended to include extra terms 
  3. Your own contract pre-signed contract. (Note: before this contract can be used it needs to be reviewed and approved by Sonovate.) 

You have the option to use either Sonovate terms or your own for any given placement. 

How to upload your own contracts

  1. Click 'Agency Admin' from the main navigation 
  2. Select 'Contract Templates' 
  3. Upload client or candidate terms 
  4. Placements will now default to pre-selected terms  

How to upload a signed contract

  1. Click 'Placements 
  2. Select 'Requires contract issue' 
  3. Click 'Contracts' 
  4. Click 'edit' below 'Do you have any amendments to make to the terms?' 
  5. Upload & use a signed contract 
  6. Upload PDF and click 'Finished' 

Contract schedule

When you issue a contract out from the placement to either your client or candidate, the placement will auto populate a schedule. The schedule pulls information from the placement itself and affixes to the contract. 

The creation of the schedule is now optional. You can submit any contract (either a Sonovate template or your Agency’s own contract template) with or without the Schedule. 

How to remove or edit a schedule on a contract



    Online timesheets 

    • Candidates will need to submit their timesheet for online approval to the client. 
    • Timesheets will need to be signed by 12pm midday on the Tuesday for payment the following Friday. 

    Manual timesheets 

    • We will require an approved timesheet sent to by 12pm midday on a Tuesday for payment the following Friday. 
    • The approval must arrive directly via email from the client. 


    • Client invoices will be issued as usual on a Thursday. 
    • Sonovate invoices will be issued as usual on a Thursday. 
    • Candidate invoices are issued to the Umbrella as a ‘remittance’ on a Thursday. (It’s important that the correct ‘remittance’ email address is entered on the placement for the Umbrella so they can issue payment out successfully).  


    • Sonovate will issue the candidates pay to the umbrella as usual – clearing on a Friday. 
    • Sonovate will issue you your agency margin as usual – clearing on a Friday.