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How to submit a timesheet

How to repeat timesheet information

  • If you work similar patterns, i.e. 9-5, Monday - Friday, click copy last timesheet on an open timesheet.
  • Note: you will need to add expenses corresponding to the timesheet.

How to add VAT to expenses

  • Check out our VAT guide for adding expenses.

How to amend a submitted timesheet

  • To amend a submitted timesheet, click into the record, click edit and follow process. Note: the amended timesheet will need to be authorised again.

Deadlines and contact information

  • Sonovate's deadline for authorised timesheets is 12pm Tuesday.
  • To ensure there are no delays in receiving authorisation from your nominated timesheet authoriser, we recommend giving yourself enough time to gain approval. For e.g. submit timesheet at most appropriate interval (end of week or month).

How to change your password

  • Login to
  • Click your name > 'Settings'
  • Enter your current password
  • Enter new password
  • Save

How to re-open a dismissed timesheet

  • Please go to the dismissed timesheet in question.
  • Click the ‘Edit’ button.
  • The system will then confirm with you whether you would like to edit your timesheet – please click ‘Edit’.
  • This will then re-open your timesheet and you will be able to submit your time as usual.

2021 - 445 timesheet deadlines and payment dates

Download a PDF version

2021 monthly timesheet deadlines and payment dates

Download a PDF version