Payment process for agencies funding invoices with Sonovate and managing back-office themselves

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When do Sonovate send payments?

  • If Sonovate receive your funding request before 10am, Sonovate will send payments the following day.


  • Funding requested before 10am on a Monday
  • Payment made on Tuesday* 

How do Sonovate send payments?

  • GBP and USD by wire transfer
  • EUR via SEPA (The Single Euro Payments Area) - an EU initiative to harmonise cross-border payments.

Who do Sonovate pay?

Sonovate pay funds directly into:

  • Nominated business bank account
  • Nominated contractor bank account.
    Note: Sonovate will supply the payment file template that you will need to complete

When do payments clear?

  • GBP payments received in one working (agency and candidate)
  • Euros two working days
  • USD three working days


  • Agency makes funding request by 10am Thursday
  • Sonovate approve by COP Friday

Payments will reach agency and candidates

  • UK - Friday
  • EUR - Monday
  • USD -  Wednesday

How to make the candidate payment file perfect for payment

One of the weird quirks of MS Excel is that it may attempt to:

  • Convert sort codes to dates, for e.g. 30-66-76 becomes 30th Sept 1976!
  • Remove zeros at the start of an account number, for e.g. 012345678 becomes 1234567!

To make sure your file is perfect for payment, follow this simple process!

  • Select the columns to format, right click and then click “Format Cells” 
  • The format cells dialog will appear, select “Text”
  • Once the cells are formatted as text, you will be able to update the sort code and account numbers without Excel reformatting the data. 
  • Save the file as a CSV and upload again!